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Our Story

We have maintained ongoing trading relationships with artisans in South East Asian countries for thirty years now.

We have imported everything from the highest quality art works and gemstones to herbal ointments and incenses. Our personal and business relationships with Nepal in particular have improved standards of living and built villages. We have seen and shared first hand in the suffering and setbacks which economic necessity imparts to individuals, especially women, children and the socially disenfranchised.

We continue our commitment to the artisans and craft-people we have met over the years, and more recently we have encouraged innovations in the “Green” movement and sustainable practices. We are truly humbled by the outstanding efforts these kindly Global Villagers have made to help rescue our shared planet on which they themselves have had very little negative environmental impact.

Learn more about how we give back to the people we work with!

Meet the Team


Shaunessi Lamm
Founder and in charge of all things graphical
Bio: I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and children (who we affectionately refer to as monkeys).
We have five chickens, three cats, two dogs and two fish...most days I feel I am running a zoo.
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Maureen Sherpa
Founder, chief pep-talker and problem solver
Bio: I have recently moved back to Portland, after 16 sunny years in Hilo, Hawaii. It is much colder than I remember and am having to re-learn the layering technique of those who live in the Pacific Northwest.
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Dr. Lester Lamm
Resident Thangka expert and voice of reason
I’ve been to 51 countries that I can remember, Afghanistan was the strangest place I visited (bizarre would be a better word.) Learn more...

1520 SE Bybee Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97202



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